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Welcome to American Literature and Composition!

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"We will walk on our own feet;
we will work with our own hands;
we will speak our own minds."—Ralph Waldo Emerson

Essential Questions

  • What is the American dream? How has the concept of the American dream shaped our literature and culture?
  • How is a period of literature a response to the culture/history of that period?
  • How is a period of literature a response to the previous period?
  • What themes/ideas transcend time and culture?
  • What are the key concepts, values, and literary forms of the various periods?
  • How has American English developed as a separate and unique entity from British English?

Early American Eraunclesam.jpg

American Romanticism

American Realism, Regionalism, and Naturalism


Postmodernism/Contemporary Literature

Research Writing

Final Exams


You will be required to listen to at least one episode This American Life podcasts per month. Click on the link below to navigate to the podcast's page on the wiki.

American flag image via uhuru1701.