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If you are a student of Mrs. Huff, please join the wiki so that you can add information to the wiki. Teachers, feel free to use any materials you see here, but note that membership is restricted to students in Mrs. Huff's classes and school colleagues of Mrs. Huff's.

What is this wiki all about? classestagxedosm.jpgIt's about the learning we do in class, the resources we share, and things we do. I'm glad our school has Edline because it enables your teachers to share handouts, news, homework, test information, and grades in a secure place. However, it does have its limits. For instance, it's not as flexible as I would like, and it doesn't enable us to share. A wiki, on the other hand, will allow us to gather together in one place and share what we're learning.

Wikis not only allow for easy collaboration and sharing, but they're extremely easy to use. You can contribute to your own learning as well as that of your peers. View this quick video to see how easy it is.